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L.E. Berger Track upgrade on schedule

The track and football field at Berger Elementary School looks messy at the moment, but district officials expect grass to grow back in time for spring. Daniel Determan / West Fargo Pioneer

The football field and track area at Berger Elementary School is a bit disheveled at the moment. A renovation project for the track began in the spring to make it more of a "community amenity" instead of a competitive facility. As it stands now, there is no grass on the field or surrounding area and snow fences block the entrances.

Despite it's current state, the district says is on track to be completed this fall, as long as the elements cooperate.

According to district director of buildings and grounds Pete Diemert, the track is complete -- it will simply remain an asphalt oval for the community -- and the area is being reseeded. He admitted the district fell behind on this project in July, unable to seed the ground due to heat and instead favoring other area projects, but insists the project will not go on longer than necessary.

"Everything is ready to go but the reseeding," Diemert said. "We are hoping for a little assistance from Mother Nature, though. The project is dependent on that."

As initially planned, there will be no junior varsity football or any other activities on the field this fall, and the snow fences may block the entrances for the next few months.

"You can't jump on the new grass too early," Diemert said. "You lose everything you gain in that situation."