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Popular Halloween haunt

Terry and Ann Stargardt's “Tunnel of Terror." David Samson / Forum News Service

Terry and Ann Stargardt believe Halloween is for having fun and they are accomplishing that for the eighth year running by sharing their decked out yard at 3819 Sheyenne Street appropriately named “Tunnel of Terror,’ both with passer-byes and those who want to stop and take a closer look.

The purpose of the menagerie of Halloween décor, which is upgraded and added to each year, is twofold according to Terry: simply for the pure fun of it; as well as collecting non-perishable food items that are given annually to a different local charity. To serve that latter purpose, visitors who wish to take an up close and personal look at the yard are able to deposit their food items into the trailer set up in the driveway clearly labeled “monster food drive.”

The food drive was suggested three years ago by one of Terry’s ten friends who join him annually Halloween night, each decked out in their preferred style of ghoulish attire to “scare the kids and help hand out the candy.” It’s been such a huge success, spurred on by mouth-of-mouth exposure, that there have been about 1,000 kids each year for the last three years.

The Stargardt’s daughter, Brittany Olson, also likes to be a part of the action. She and her husband, Ross, (one of the welcoming ten), and five-month-old son, Remington, will be at the house Halloween night to help pass out candy. Terry said the entire family enjoys the yearly Halloween happening as much as all the kids out and about trick-or-treating. “We do it because we love to have kids come to the house. They love it, we love it and we can help others out in the process.” - Karen Huber