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Fargo time-lapse video was 4 years in the making

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FARGO—A time-lapse video of Fargo that took years to film is making the rounds on social media.

The photographers who made the video say they hope it gets people excited to live in the valley.

For four years, Evan Balko and Preston Sternson endured the elements to create a time-lapse of people and places of Fargo, setting up a camera and tripod in rain and shine.

"When it all came together, it was an interesting experience to say, 'Wow I made this,' " Balko said.

The two captured a wide range of Fargo happenings, from summertime in the park to fans of the North Dakota State University Bison. The final cut, which is a little more than 4 minutes long, is a combination of 20,000 photos.

"I'm proud of the thing we were able to capture in the community," said Stearnson.

The journey to the polished product took a toll on the gear.

"After we were done shooting, my camera actually died a couple times. So I'd like to think this project ended up killing it," Balko said.

Each event in the video was 6 to 8 hours itself, the filmmakers said.

"I think part of this project was learning that 'Man, it's tough, right?' It's our job to keep on pushing, " Sternson said as he reflected on the past four years.

Balko and Sternson received a $3,000 grant from the Arts Partnership to make the video, which has been viewed more than 10,000 times on Facebook.

"I'm really hoping that as people watch this, they can have that sense of pride in their city, and that Fargo's a city in its time," Balko said.