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The cat is (almost) out of the bag

Well, I guess the proverbial cat is out of the bag now.

Only this time were talking about a baby.

For those of you who had a chance to pick up last weeks Pioneer, you caught the ultrasound for Baby Peanut Schoemer. And if you can put two-and-two together, you realized that the Little Red-Haired Girl and I are making the addition to the family.

Those of you that have seen the Little Red-Haired Girl and me out and about already knew that, because the size of her belly has surpassed my Root Beer Belly, and shes even begun to waddle through Target now, just a little bit.

Now, you also have to realize that this big change is three months away. Thank goodness, because were in the midst of the NCAA Tournament, my personal version of Christmas.

Obviously, I know what all of this entails. Ive been thinking about it since she popped out of the bathroom back in October with a smile and an I told you so.

Like I was doubting it or something.

For six months, weve been holding our breath, crossing our fingers and saying our prayers. We smile with every bump or kick, and we laugh at ourselves at what baby freaks we have become.

So, the Sports Guy will become Sports Dad. And, not that Im looking too far down the road here, I was very happy with the West Fargo School Board when they decided to open enroll. Im officially putting out the warning to Betty Hanson that a kindergartner coming her way in a few years could be one for the ages. Just a heads up.

In the midst of March Madness, Ive been dealing with baby madness. My focus at Target has gone from things like electronics and furniture to baby toys and cribs. In fact, last weekend, the Red-Haired Girl and I slapped together our childs future crib in the nursery I proudly painted last fall.

Both sets of future grandparents have come north for a visit, I suppose in preparation for the much more exciting visit theyll make in June. Theyve admired the nursery and rubbed the future moms tummy, both gleaming with the anticipation of the first grandkid.

This child doesnt stand a chance when it comes to being spoiled, does it? Didnt think so.

More to come on this topic, I assure you.

* * *

Its sad that it apparently took a car-child accident to get the City and School District talking about the dangers facing kids near school zones.

Im not critical of our community leaders often, but this is, and has been, a problem for some time. With high gas prices, kids are going to be walking to school more and more, or even biking. Mom and Dad arent going to pull the car out of the garage for a 10-block commute anymore.

So its up to our leaders to keep these kids safe at busy crossings such as Ninth Street and 10th Avenue, Seventh Avenue and Sheyenne near South Elementary, Seventh Avenue and Eighth Street near Westside, 17th Avenue and Ninth Street near Cheney Middle School, and so on and so on.

The time to get a grip on this is now, before Seventh Avenue and Ninth Street become even busier thoroughfares than they already are. Im happy to hear that both the City and the Schools are in talks with the Police Department to keep these areas safe.

Much has been done in the past to protect kids, but it seems more needs to be done in the future. And the process has to start now.