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Jiggs' closing doors after a long, successful run

A 19-year-old business landmark in Westgo Square has closed its doors.

Jiggs and Pat Anderson, owners of Jiggs' Homestyle Restaurant, located at 405 W. Main Ave., served up their last food to customers on Saturday, with the highly-popular restaurant officially discontinuing business at 3 p.m. that day.

Both Pat and Jiggs had indicated earlier that retirement was imminent. Jiggs has been experiencing health problems and was no longer involved in the day-to-day operation. "We're both sad to leave," Pat said, "but it's just time. We have been running restaurants for 36 years." Prior to opening Jiggs' in West Fargo, the pair had owned and operated a café in Hitterdal, Minn., for 17 years.

The good news, Pat said, is that former customers can watch for a reopening date under new ownership.

Through the years, Jiggs' business has grown to include 9 full-time and 15 part-time employees. Pat said she would be remiss if she didn't acknowledge these wonderful employees for their contributions. "We want to say thank you to a tremendous staff who was always their to support us."

As for their steady legion of customers, it goes without saying they will be missed. "We want to also thank our fabulous customers for their wonderful support and patronage," Pat added. "We have had a lot of wonderful guests come through our doors the last 19 years, many of which have also become good friends."

Consequently, Saturday turned out to be a much busier than average day, as well as an extremely emotional one for both Jiggs and Pat. "People knew we were closing and were coming in to say good-bye," Pat said.

Nonetheless, the Andersons knew it was the right decision. They plan on continuing to reside in West Fargo and occupying their time with other matters. "I've got 19 years of housekeeping to catch up on," Pat joked, "so I know I'll be kept busy with that."

They also intend to spend more time with their family, which includes their daughter and son-in-law Jennifer and Chad Weisgram and their two children, Spencer, 6, and Tyler, 4, of West Fargo; son Josh, who lives in Fargo; and with the rest of their very, very large extended family.

Pat noted that both Tyler and Spencer are disappointed that Grandma and Grandpa will no longer be at Jiggs' because they enjoyed visiting and eating at the restaurant. "They'll just have to get their chocolate chip cookies at Grandma's or Uncle Josh's house now," she laughed.