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Popular roadway turning into welcoming corridor

I travel the 13th Avenue route from Sheyenne Street at least two times a day.

Last Friday as I was driving home from work for the long Labor Day weekend, the impact of the change in the area on the south side from Sheyenne Street all the way to 9th Street East finally grasped my whole attention, as I was slowly taking in the landscaping activity both at Sheyenne Crossings and the dental office.

My how the 13th Avenue East route has changed in the last 25 years, from the barren openness of agricultural land, to 'bigger time' metro life complete with all the positive trappings.

Everything is virtually filling in and there will soon be no more open spots.

There is no doubt that the realization of the new retirement community on the west edge bordering Sheyenne Street is one of the best things to ever happen to West Fargo, both from a service and economic standpoint. The beautiful facility fills a much needed void for the senior population, as well as being an aesthetic boost for one of the community's most traveled corridors.

A few months ago, an open house was hosted at the facility with hundreds of interested guests showing up for an inside glimpse.

They weren't disappointed, but instead extremely impressed and amazed at the accommodations and amenities previewed.

Now crews are taking great care in completing the exterior work, and once complete the whole design will be a truly beautifying accent to one of West Fargo's busiest thoroughfares.

The same can be said for the other businesses and residential aspects developing along the way.

Going east, Dr. Patrick Cappes is also putting the finishing touches on the grounds of his dental office; and ground has been broken for two additional 55-and-older living facilities located in close proximity to the attractive and very well-kept Heritage Square Commons, now completely occupied.

To the east of 6th Street East and just west of the Pioneer Center, ground has also been broken for a new strip mall, with tenants yet to be announced.

And at the present time, activity right behind this area focuses on the construction of more twinhome units that seem to be filling up as quickly as they are completed.

Activity also abounds at the Pioneer Center on the 9th Street Corner.

Tucked back in the former United Blood Service location is a brand new karaoke oriented business; and it looks like plans are also shaping up soon to add a partner business to the popular Subway location in the near future.

There hasn't been a whole lot of change on the north side of the corridor, just a pleasing and consistent plan that has seen maintenance and upkeep of the residential and business properties located there. However, there will be one new, well-accepted tenant soon in a building long vacant, Integrated Health Marketing which is moving into the former Dakota Heartland building on the corner of 6th Street East.

Who would have thought even ten years ago that all this progress would have been in the cards? Change is a good thing, and in this instance it's truly the case - 13th Avenue couldn't be any more appealing and welcoming.