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Three strikes and you're out

The individual(s) involved in the bomb threat shenanigans in the West Fargo Schools need to be found out.

The West Fargo Police Department responded to their third call in about as many weeks last Friday, this time to Cheney Middle School, on a reported bomb threat, i.e. another note written on a bathroom wall that was once again assessed as a low level threat.

Following proper protocol, the School entered a limited lockdown and conducted a detailed search, only to find nothing.

Sometimes the less said about such incidents the better, because ongoing publicity can be a motivator for future actions.

However, it does need to be pointed out to the perpetrator(s) that this is indeed serious business with serious consequences, and not some misguided prank that is going to be overlooked. The person(s) found responsible for the threat(s) may face sanctions through the School as well as criminal charges.

Law enforcement officials said this morning that individuals have now been identified in the Middle School and one of the High School threats. Police and school officials continue to investigate the remaining unsolved incident at the High School.

In the meantime, law enforcement officials are asking parents to speak with their children about the consequences of making this type of threat and students themselves are encouraged to report any suspicious activity or threats made by others.

A little bit of awareness and a little bit of cooperation will go a long way in hopefully putting an end to this mischief for good, all of which is a total waste of time and resources.