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Flyers swim team takes top honors

By David Olson

Seventy-eight members of the West Fargo Flyers swim team took top honors at the State Short Course meet held recently in Grand Forks. The West Fargo Flyers swim team is growing by leaps and bounds.  They came off the Long Course season last summer in Mandan as state champions and ready to tackle the Short Course during the winter 2007-2008 season.  During the winter season the team sent four team members to compete in a sectional meet in Waukesha, Wis., and 16 members competed at a meet in Rochester, Minn.  To qualify for both of these meets either A+ times or top times on a sectional level were required for participation. 

  It is the first time for continued growth and top wins at both local and other sponsored meets.  It has also been an exciting year for all participants.  The West Fargo Flyers are coached by Jeff Steele.  Steele came to the West Fargo team during the summer of 2007 and has been a strong leader in the development of the Flyers organization. 

  "We had a super weekend! Many of our swimmers gave their personal best performances and we broke 21 state and overall records, helping us in securing a win for the State Short Course Meet," Coach Steele said.  

  This is the first time West Fargo has gotten two state titles in a row.   The team has grown this year by more than twenty swimmers.  The Flyer's summer season will get under way in May, with registration in April.   

  The West Fargo Flyers accepts swimmers starting at age 6 through 18 years old and they are currently at about 105 members strong.