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Cattlewoman hold spring roundup

On Thursday, March 6, chairman Delores Haugen, McLeod, and Marlene Mellem, McLeod, served seasoned beef on a bun for a supper in McLeod for the Stockmen's Supply Company in West Fargo. It was sponsored by Pfizer Animal Health. It was their spring roundup and was held at the VFW Hall. There were 23 people in attendance. Potato salad, baked beans, pickles, bars, pop and coffee were also served.

Marilyn Beck, Fargo, was chairman for Ag Day from District #7 CattleWomen this year. CattleWomen donated 500 pounds of 85 percent ground beef to the Fargo Food Pantry for Ag Day on March 20. Hornbacher's was contacted again this year and they were very eager to help with the project. They sold the ground beef at a reduced cost with free wrapping in 1 pound packages. For the month of March all donations to the food pantry were matched one on one. In total, CattleWomen were able to give 1,000 pounds of ground beef for the $700 Ag Day budget. CattleWomen wish to thank Dean Hornbacher from Hornbacher's Inc. for his help and generosity in this project to help out the Food Pantry.