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Warren seeking Commission re-election

West Fargo City Commissioner Brenda Warren has announced that she is a candidate for re-election to a third full four-year term on the Commission in the City's Primary Election, Tuesday, June 10.

A 22-year resident of West Fargo, Warren is employed as Director of Communications for National Hospitality Services, a hotel management company with hotels in North Dakota, Wisconsin and Michigan. She has served on a number of committees including the Board of Directors for the West Fargo Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors for Cultural Diversity, Board of Directors of Northland Educators Credit Union, and is currently serving on the Board of Directors for Cass County Public Health.

Prior to joining the West Fargo City Commission, Warren already had considerable city government expertise, serving on the Riverside City Council from April of 1986, until that community merged with West Fargo on July 1, 1989. Warren was instrumental in spearheading that drive to consolidate.

As an incumbent City Commissioner, Warren is known for her stance on public health and was the lone vote for a smoking ban in all public work places, ensuring all residents a healthy environment for those who work in or visit any public place. Warren's stance initiated a petition recall of her as City Commissioner, with petitions being placed in bars and liquor establishments. However, the petition recall was unsuccessful. Warren commented, "Even though the verbal attacks against me were difficult to bear, I feel strongly that a safe environment for residents took precedence." This question will now be on the ballot for residents to vote on.

Known for her conservative spending, Warren was also the lone vote against proceeding with a feasibility study for a golf course, citing that infrastructure was more important for the fastest growing City in North Dakota. "I feel that responsible fiscal spending must be a priority, and although one day a golf course will be a reality for West Fargo, we are unable to afford such a huge expenditure at the present; a golf course could cost up to $15 million dollars." She added that the older sections of town are experiencing deterioration of their infrastructure and the City must make it a priority to fund a portion of these expenses rather than assess the entire cost to homeowners. "We are driving homeowners away from West Fargo because of the heavy assessments we levy against their homes. We must come up with some formula to ease this burden on residents of West Fargo."

Warren is also well known as an advocate for neighborhoods. If a neighborhood is experiencing problems, Brenda always tries to find a solution no matter how daunting the task. She was responsible for the EPA coming to West Fargo to clean up the contamination of the Camelot Cleaners site. "I will always respond to any concern, no matter how large or how small. If a resident comes to me, they know they will be listened to and their concern addressed and completed in a timely manner."

Other areas of concern that are in the forefront for Warren are water, water quality, the possibility of a water treatment plant, the Main Ave. project, and the I-94 Interchange.

Brenda's husband, Greg, is a Police Detective Sergeant with the West Fargo Police Department. They are the parents of three children, and grandparents to four. "West Fargo is my home, a home that I will lead to the best of my ability," Warren stated.