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Specialty coordinators request to be reclassified as administrators, WFEA says decision is up to board

A group of eleven employees of the West Fargo School District has asked the school board to reclassify their positions from teaching categories to administrative positions. As specialty coordinators for the district, serving in areas of special education, reading, curriculum, ELL liaison, and technology integration, the group feels that their primary duties are not those of a teacher in a classroom setting, but are administrative by nature.

Quoting North Dakota Century School Code definitions of a teacher and an administrator in a letter directed to the board of education, the group has requested not to be represented by the West Fargo Education Association as their negotiating organization.

No board action was required at this time, however, Board president Tom Gentzkow recommended that the board take formal action at the next scheduled meeting after the board has seen estimated figures showing comparisons for the eleven positions using the current teaching salary schedule and available administrative job descriptions that would most closely match the positions.

The group had approached the West Fargo Education Association with their request during the last contract negotiations, however, WFEA representatives felt the decision fell under the school board's jurisdiction.

The board awarded the bid for a telephone system at the new kindergarten center to Marco, representing phone systems manufactured by Mitel, with a bid of $12,895.00.

They also approved an extended leave request from a special education coordinator for the 2009-2010 school year.

Michelle Weber, a counselor at Cheney Middle School, was recognized by the board for being named the North Dakota Counselor of the Year. Holly Erickson's fifth grade class from Westside Elementary was also recognized for several service learning projects they have been working on.