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Readership Poll: As enrollment grows, should West Fargo have one high school or two ?

If a proposed bond issue passes in May, the West Fargo school district plans to build a second high school facility, as well as additional middle school space, and another elementary school. The school board's Planning and Development Committee has held several meetings to discuss possible options available, and a batch of preliminary floor plan sketches hang on the walls of the board room to help give board members and administrators a visual of how building projects could be developed. There are still a lot of details to be discussed, and any final decisions will hinge on results of the bond issue and legislation pending in Bismarck.

There has been talk about the possibility of building a second high school in West Fargo for years, with mixed reactions from Packer enthusiasts, but it has always loomed sometime in the future. Now the decision is upon us, and input from the community is vital to help decide the future of our schools.

An Advisory Committee, consisting of about 60 people, has been meeting on Wednesday evenings to discuss whether a second high school facility should operate as a separate school with its own identity, or if the two buildings should be considered one high school with two campuses. The committee has been splitting up into three smaller groups to tap into ideas on how to determine the demographics of who would attend which school facility, and how each scenario would affect academic and athletic opportunities for students.

The advisory committee's final session is scheduled to be held on April 1. The next phase will be to get more input from the community at large through public forums and an open invitation to email or call school board members or school administrators.

The more information the district can compile from people who will be affected by the changes the better, and directly or indirectly, we will all be affected in some way or another. With that in mind, we are asking our readers to respond to a short questionnaire.

Please submit responses to along with any additional comments you would like to make.

Question 1: If West Fargo builds a second high school facility, do you think it should be operated as a second high school with a separate identity, or should we have one school with two campuses?

Question 2: Should there be two separate athletic programs or one?

Thank you for your input. Your viewpoints are important in shaping the future of our community and our schools.