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West Fargo negotiations propose revisions to activity pay schedule

The West Fargo Education Association and West Fargo School District's negotiations teams met on Tuesday, May 26, for their second session. The time was used primarily to go over proposed additions and revisions to the Activity Pay Schedule. Both sides agreed that as some sports and activities have grown or evolved, a closer look should be taken to see if revisions should be made to current pay schedules.

Activity Director Curt Jones used cheerleading as a prime example of an activity that has seen role structure changes over the past few years. Historically, cheerleading teams used to be assigned to specific sports with practice one or two nights a week. Now cheer teams spend more time practicing and cover all spectator sports for the entire season.

"The evolution of cheerleading has changed dramatically," Jones said. "They practice every day and have to be certified for safety reasons. They're doing more acrobatics. There's more risk management than in the past," he later added.

Other changes proposed by the district include adding assistant level coaches or advisors for several sports and activities that have growing numbers and responsibilities that have evolved since the current pay schedules were established. Jones stressed that keeping pay equitable is a key factor in any changes.

The WFEA team asked the board to consider adding Middle School Orchestra and Middle School Musical advisors to the schedule to match equivalent programs at the high school. A request was also made to look at the possibility of splitting DECA and the Packer Connection store into two separate advisorships, recognizing that they are two entirely separate entities. Currently DECA and the store are paid as one position.

Sick leave language, and continued discussion concerning Pay Schedules II, III, and IV, will be discussed at the next session, with the calendar committee added to the agenda if time allows.