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RRV Fair sees record totals

After reviewing all the numbers for this year's Red River Valley Fair, General Manager Bryan Schulz said Monday afternoon that the potential profit figure has been set at approximately $300,000 for the nine-day 2009 event, which recently wrapped up in mid-July.

He said that gate admission was the number one draw at $406,000 alone, compared to last's years figure of $183,500.The sale of adult beverages was also another high revenue item at a little over $216,000 compared to $88,615 in 2008.

Schulz said a little bit of fine-tuning still needs to be completed before final totals are released, but feels the $300,000 profit margin is a fairly accurate reflection of the final tallies. As for the overall attendance count, Schulz said those numbers are sitting at 125,000, also for the nine-day run.

After several down years, with this Schulz's first full year on the job, he attributes the success of this year's show to a combination of several things including the excellent run of good weather and the grandstand being associated with the general gate admission fee of $7 to access both the fair and the headlining grandstand act.

"We put a lot of time and effort into this year's Fair and our team did a great job of marketing to get the information into the people's hands. We had close to 5,000 people on our email and texting contact list and had very few opt outs. What we saw was a whole new attitude about everything going on out there."

On that note, Schulz said the goal for the 2010 Fair set for July 9 through July 17 very simply stated is continued growth, and right after Big Iron, which will take place Sept. 15-17, his staff will be focusing full force on next year's 2010 Red River Valley Fair line-up.