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A moose was loose in north Fargo, a reminder that they're not to be messed with

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FARGO—A moose on the loose in North Fargo is receiving mixed reactions of fear and excitement.

It's prompting the discussion of what would and should you do if you see a moose.

Nearby NDSU students had varying responses, saying they'd possibly take videos of it, or get as close as they could.

Those are the options folks faced, when this young bull moose decided to explore the meal options near the Hector International Airport.

Doug Leier with ND Game & Fish says they're not here to make friends.

"Wildlife typically becomes a little more active in the fall, whether they're feeding, whether they’re going into the rut, whether they're being disturbed from the harvest or hunters," said Leier.

While roving may be normal, their behavior is not.

Leier said, "I've been around moose all my working career, and the one thing that is for certain is nothing is for certain."

The unpredictable, massive beasts may not eat meat, but they can still be aggressive and can weigh nearly 800 pounds.

"If we give wild animals space, if we try not to alarm them, try not to disturb them, we have a lot less potential for some kind of negative interaction between wildlife and humans."

While some of us may be tempted to spark friendship, the well-intentioned idea is not advised.

Wildlife experts say there's no need to call if you see a moose out and about, just leave them be or view them from a safe distance.

This isn't the first time moose have been spotted in the metro.

There have been several sightings of the large animals over the years.

They have strolled through town, checked out a golf course and another made itself comfortable in someone's backyard.

Game & Fish say there are typically several sightings each year.