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Tax Department announces new E-file portal

Tax Commissioner Cory Fong has announced that the tax department has created a new interactive tool to serve as a portal for electronic filing of individual income tax returns.

"With all the different Free File and IRS E-File companies available to taxpayers, we believe a number of taxpayers missed out on the benefits of Free File in the past because they were overwhelmed by the options available," said Fong. "So we created this interactive tool to help them wade through the free offers and identify which company might work best for them."

The interactive tool is designed to help taxpayers determine whether they qualify for Free File, which consists of software companies that agree to offer free electronic filing to taxpayers who meet certain criteria. By answering a few easy questions, taxpayers will quickly learn which Free File provider may work best for them. To access the online tool, taxpayers should go to the tax department Web site,, and click on one of the e-file logos.

"Our goal is to encourage eligible taxpayers to use Free File as much as possible this tax season" said Fong. "And, with this new interactive tool, we are hoping to lead them to the best Free File solution."

Individuals who are not eligible for Free File will be able to use the IRS E-File to file both their federal and state returns. Through the IRS e-file program, the e-filed tax return goes directly to the IRS, and the IRS forwards the state its data, which is automatically loaded into the department's computer system.

And, for those taxpayers who might have filed their federal return, either electronically or by paper, they might be eligible to use the newly developed state-only Individual Income Tax WebFile.

"Bottom line - we want to see the number of e-filed returns increase this year," said Fong. "Taxes can be intimidating or cause a certain level of anxiety for some, and we feel that there are taxpayers who did not use Free File because they were unsure which company would ultimately work best for them. This new online tool will remove the guesswork and help determine which method to use - Free File, IRS E-File, or WebFile."

To access the interactive tool, or to learn more about electronic filing, taxpayers should go to the department's Web site at and click on one of the e-file logos.