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Jumpr Rope for Heart: Eastwood students raise fund to help save lives

Top fundraisers at Eastwood, clockwise from left, Raquel Pearcy, Kasiquie Nowling, Alyssa Trosen, Gabby Anderson, Joslyn Pierce and Jacob Johnson.

Eastwood Elementary School students were part of a highly successful campaign "Healthy Eating - Active Living" campaign to help out the American Heart Association by joining forces with their parents on Jan. 28 and 29, for a jump-rope-athon to save lives collecting a grand total of $7,538. Teachers and other staff members at the school also lent to the success of the project, with Physical Education and Health Teachers Dawn Beil and Aaron Dodd coordinating the event, with the assistance of volunteer parents Michelle Huseby and Merri Kramer.

Mrs. Buck's class earned top money raising recognition collecting $813; runner up was Mrs. Brothen's class at $790. Mrs. Smith's class had the most participants who raised $5 or more.

The top six fundraisers in the school were: Jacob Johnson $660, Alyssa Trosen $382, Kasique Nowling $311, Gabby Anderson $250, Joslyn Pierce $245, and Raquel Pearcy $224.

Fundraisers who raised $50 or more in doing so winning prizes and 'free time' were: Mrs. Buck's room: Caleb Knudsen, Jacob Yourcezk, Zayden Gayton, Noah Vaagene, Karissa Schmeets, Connor Radkte, and Tessa Shaffer; Mrs. Krogh's room: Joslyn Pierce, Alexis Nutt; Mrs. Kragnes room: Raquel Pearcy, Adam Kensok, Max Wohl, Jalen Weaver, Taeler Hatfield; Mrs. Murie: Kasique Nowling, Ryne Dunford, Jamie Askew; Mrs. Aasen: Jaeger Jensen, Noah Balvik, Jackson Walker; Mrs. Birrenkott: Trinity Jaszkowiak; Mrs. Conyers: Jonah Fuhrman, Michael Stephenson, Brianna Schmeets, Cami Birrenkott; Mrs. Kingsley: Jack Dent, Ben Sikorski; Mrs. Smith: Sierra Belch, Megan Judge, Devin Becker and Olivia Arth; Mrs. Idso: Logan Bevan, Timothy Martin, Ross Dent, Sidney Leier, Taylor Larson; Mr. Ferguson: Courtney Boll, Violet Yourczek, Emma Johnson; Mrs. Lundgren: Piper Sommer, Madison Connors, Ben Kensok, Ella Kooyer; Mrs. Bartnick: Kelli Fiechtner; Mrs. Bruggeman: Alyssa Trosen, Taylor Painter, Hunter Spielvogel, Aliyah Daniels; Mr. Moe: Jacob Svenby, Brody Matzke; Mrs. Peters: Gabby Anderson, Kory Miller, Shanelle Eason, Alexander Walker; Ms. Brown: Shania Dolan, Jenna Beck, Miranda Bonnet; Mrs. Brothen: Jacob Johnson, Marie Askew; Mrs. Haugo: Zachary Huelsbeck, Carly Fuhrman; and Mrs. Kummer: Brady Boll, Erin Tostenson.

Parents and grandparents attended the event to jump with their child or children, including those of AJ Beamon, Ella Kooyer, Megan Lindquist, Jake and Joe Pfaff, Brianna and Karissa Schmeets, Carly and Jonah Fuhrman, Cami Birrenkott, Alex Hettwer, Zachary Huelsbeck, Jacob Johnson, Danielle and Kaitlyn Bayman, Mason and Marshall Barta, Jessica and Jamie French, Kennedy Peterson, Deven and Layton Ruud, Sidney Leier, Karyme Rios, Elizabeth Lawson, Olivia Macziewski, Caleb Knudsen, Tessa Shaffer, Noah Vaagene, Connor Radke, Alex and Jackson Walker, Megan Judge, Parker Degerness, Megan and Tyler Kingsly, Olivia Arth, and Devin Becker.