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CASS COUNTY: 'People are fighting for their castles' as flood fight ramps up

Cass County leaders say work on clay levees will be a main focus of their flood fight today.

Work on a clay levee protecting the Round Hill subdivision, south of Fargo, started Monday night and will continue today.

Crews also will work on levees for the nearby Forest River and Chrisan neighborhoods before attention is turned to subdivisions north of Fargo.

County Administrator Bonnie Johnson said the flood fight is going well so far in Cass, but urged rural residents to call (701) 297-6000 with any flood concerns or questions.

County Engineer Keith Berndt said unfilled sandbags are available at the county's highway department for those who seek them.

So far, overland flooding along the Wild Rice River, which flows into the Red near subdivisions south of Fargo, has not been an issue.

However, if river levels reach those predicted by the National Weather Service, breakouts of the Wild Rice are expected, Berndt said.

Sheriff Paul Laney said road closings will be instantly updated on the county's Web site at, but urged motorists be safe as they travel.

"If you don't need to be there, don't be there," said Laney, adding deputies will be patrolling areas to keep crews and the public safe.

"People are fighting for their castles right now," he said.