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West Fargo residents should be aware of road construction, officials say

With the last wisps of winter finally behind the northland, it is time to prepare for the next season: road construction.

West Fargo is not immune to this needed inconvenience, and several projects either have begun or soon will begin.

The project with the most impact on the community is the reconstruction of 7th Avenue East between 9th Street and 17th Street, said project engineer Kyle McCamy, of Moore Engineering Inc., in West Fargo. This road runs on the north side of West Fargo High School, and is used heavily as an alternate route to the more heavily used Main Avenue and 13th Avenue.

Construction of the popular road will be completed in two phases. The first phase - a span between 9th Street and 10th Street East, is expected to begin Thursday and should take approximately three-and-a-half weeks to complete. During that time, parking on the north lot of the high school will continue, but drivers will be limited to either the west entrance from 9th Street East or the north-east entrance onto 7th Avenue. To help alleviate traffic congestion, the west entrance also will become right-turn only onto 9th Street East for exiting vehicles.

Once the first phase is complete sometime in late May, the second phase will begin. This stretch between 10th Street and 17th Street East once again will limit users of the north high school lot. The west entrance will remain left-turn only onto 9th Street East, but the north-east entrance will be closed and the north-west entrance will open.

The second phase of the reconstruction is expected to be finished Aug. 15, McCamy said. City officials are advising residents to watch for announcements on the city Web site,, the city television station, and school message boards.

West Fargo Police Department officers will be directing traffic during the first three days of road construction.

The reason for the 7th Avenue revamp is to widen the road and add roughly 65-70 parking spots, McCamy said. A type of speed table similar to those east of South Elementary School on 1st Street also will be put in place. These will be constructed on the intersections of 10th Street and 12th Street East, and will double as pedestrian crosswalks.

Construction on 8th Street West and 2nd Avenue West

The other West Fargo road construction project to cause some delays will be that of 8th Street West and 2nd Avenue West in the commercial addition.

The first phase will be of 2nd Avenue West between 8th Street West and 11th Street West, and is expected to begin Thursday, though road closures began Monday. This phase will take the longest time, as it contains the deepest part of the sanitary and sewer systems, McCamy said.

During this time, drivers are asked to take an alley detour on 3rd Avenue West through Westgo.

The second phase of construction will be the section of 8th Street West between 2nd Avenue West and 4th Avenue West. Much like the construction of 7th Avenue East, 8th Street West will be widened to allow for addition parking.

Completion of the project also is expected Aug. 15.