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West Fargo storm sewers unable to keep up with downpour

West Fargo home owners were down and out as 3-4 inches of rain fell this morning. After the rain came down, home owners were pumping it out.

Breanna Odle: "We are constantly checking our window wells and checking the streets to see how high the water is and make sure everything is okay."

The waves of water washing up on her front yard has Jody Ranzenberger using buckets, sump pumps and all the help she could find, keeping her home dry.

Jody Ransenberger: "The avenues flooded all the way back this time, it's never been this flooded."

Three years ago, First Street in West Fargo was replaced, upgraded storm sewers all connected to a new lift station. That lift station, only able handle an inch and a half an hour, did little as the 3-4 inches pounded the streets and threatened to flood homes.

Jody Ranzenberger: "I thought that when they re-did First Street we wouldn't have any flooding here, but it has not solved any problems."

At least 2 hours, Ranzenberger and her two kids spent bailing out window wells just to keep dry enough for another round of showers tonight. Jody Ranzenberger has lived at her home for 18-years and since then only one time she recalls it being this bad, and that was during the 1997 flood.