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West Fargo woman reports POW flag stolen from 22-foot pole

A West Fargo woman woke up Monday to find her 22-foot flagpole uprooted, the American flag on the ground and a POW/MIA flag missing.

Rose Borslien said she doesn't understand why someone would want to steal the flag that symbolizes concern for military members taken as prisoners of war or listed as missing in action.

"There's a symbolic reason behind the POW/MIA flags because we have a lot of men and women who are still missing in action," said Borslien, who lives near Cheney Middle School.

The Borsliens like having a flag on display in their yard. Her husband, Tony, served in the U.S. Navy from 1980 to 2006.

"My husband and I are proud of America and for what we stand for," Rose Borslien said.

They have a 22-foot flagpole that extends 18 inches into the ground. It can be removed from the ground, but it requires two people, Borslien said.

There was minimal damage to the flagpole. Because the American flag was on the ground, Borslien replaced it with a different one.

Police will investigate the matter as a theft case, said Officer Tim Runcorn.

Police have investigated several odd thefts in the east side of West Fargo this summer, such as lawn ornaments and other unusual items, Runcorn said, adding that he didn't know of any other flag thefts.

"It's a little more than stealing someone's gnome out of their front lawn," Runcorn said. "People fly those things for a reason. It's kind of sad."

People with information are asked to call West Fargo police at (701) 433-5500.