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Committee works to establish senior program

A group of people have been meeting since early February to develop a senior program within the city of West Fargo. The committee determined the need to set some short range goals which they felt could be quickly obtained. They also looked to the future to determine what would be required into the future to develop a successful program.

One of the goals was to add another site in West Fargo for the noon senior meals program. Working with Faith Lutheran Church and Valley Senior Services noon meals will be available beginning Sept. 1 at noon. Those interested may sign-up for the meals by calling 293-1440. Additional sign-up sheets will be available at the church during meal times. The meal has a suggested donation cost of $3.50.

Another goal of the committee is to provide recreational, educational and health program opportunities to the seniors. The West Fargo Park District has been asked to participate in the planning and coordinating of the services. Volunteers will be sought to assist with programming and to make recommendations on what the seniors want.

The largest goal for the committee is the establishment of a permanent site for the senior program. Several aspects need to be worked out to make this happen. The group is seeking an organizational sponsor for the program. Once the sponsor is found the group will begin examining facility requirements and determine funding needs. Funding will be sought through government funding sources, grants and private donations.

Members of the planning committee include: Brian Arett, Valley Senior Services; Marlene Batterberry, LeAnne Dressel, Marv Leidal, Frank Lenzmeier, Judy Millar, Mike Reitan, Eric Rogne, Vicki Schmidt, Edith Sloat, Al Vetter, all West Fargo; and Lance Belisle, Kim Wangler, and Barb Erbstoesser, West Fargo Park District.

If you are interested in being involved with the committee or have questions, contact any of the committee members.