Weather Forecast


Lull before the next storm

Snow blankets West Fargo Monday morning. Carrie Snyder/The Pioneer

After digging out from a foot of snow dumped on Monday, area residents, local police and street crews are preparing for the next blast of winter - a storm today (Wednesday) and Thursday that is predicted to leave another 4 to 6 inches of snow on the ground, accompanied by winds of up to 25 miles per hour.

In advance of this major weather event, a winter storm watch has been issued for all of eastern North Dakota from today (Wednesday) through Thanksgiving afternoon.

The forecast doesn't bode well for Thanksgiving Day travelers.

Assistant West Fargo Police Chief Mike Reitan urges everyone to proceed with caution regarding their holiday driving plans and to pay attention to the travel advisories. "If no travel is advised, please follow the warning."

He also encourages motorists to equip their vehicles with a winter survival kit, a shovel and other necessary items in the event they become stranded.

"We want to caution people that even if they are driving in town, to equip your vehicle and yourself with winter survival clothing and equipment. We see a lot of people involved in accidents that are wearing light jackets or no jackets at all."

Reitan said that Monday's storm resulted in close to a dozen minor traffic accidents, all involving damage to vehicles but no injuries.

West Fargo street department crews started working as early as Sunday, depositing sand on the slippery roadways. Monday during the day, their emphasis was on keeping snow emergency routes open. After taking a brief break, they returned to the streets on Monday at midnight to finish clearing snow from remaining routes.