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A holiday tradition returns

This miniatures church adorns the front law at State Bank & Trust in West Fargo.

The front snow-covered lawn at State Bank & Trust, 409 Sheyenne St., West Fargo, is once again home to the beautiful miniature church that patrons of the bank as well as passersby grew accustomed to enjoying in the past. Longtime West Fargoan Otto Olsgaard handcrafted the church in 1991, dedicating it to the memory of his friend Arnold Lorentzson, who served as board chairman of First National Bank of West Fargo. State Bank & Trust proudly displayed the church each year during the holiday season until 2004/2005 when the church became dilapidated due to the years of outside exposure. This past year, Devin and Harold Larson graciously took it upon themselves to renew and refurbish the church, now nestled again in its Sheyenne Street location for all to see, hear, and experience, complete with joyous Christmas music radiating from its interior.