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Spring melt information available

The City of West Fargo hosted an informational meeting Tuesday evening at Cheney Middle School to update residents on conditions as they relate to the spring melt and any potential for flooding.

Part of the meeting included a short power point presentation explaining details about the preventative measures the city has in place, and how residents can best prepare.

Those unable to attend the meeting also have the opportunity to share in the information by turning to cable public access channels, both Cable One and Midcontinent, where the power point slide show, along with a narration by Public Works Director Barry Johnson and City Engineer Kevin Bucholz, will by playing throughout the next several months, or as long as a flood threat exists.

The information is also posted on the city's website, along with other venue access listings for additional information, via Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Johnson said the purpose of the meeting and the follow-up presentation is to educate people on how the diversion operates, what the city's protection levels are, and what areas needs to be addressed internally. "Each year, the city gets inundated with questions. We just want to let the people know how the Sheyenne Diversion works and what we need to do internally to make sure everything runs fine," Johnson said.

He said the proactive planning is similar to action taken in 2009 and 2010. "We are not anticipating any problems with the Sheyenne Diversion. It is expected to work as designed to provide flood protection for the community just as it has in the past," Johnson said.

"West Fargo is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the diversion, which we are monitoring constantly all the way from Horace to the north pump station," he added. "Our crews are actively monitoring the diversion and all the facilities that go with it, including the two major pump stations that are part of the diversion, as well as all the other lift stations throughout the community."

He said a major power outage, like the one experienced recently by local residents, is always a concern, noting that generators are in place to take care of any situation like that. He said heavy rains can also cause problems, adding there is a contingency pumping plan in place to counter that.

Again, anyone unable to attend last night's meeting or wishing to share in the information for a second time, can turn to their cable public access channel or visit the city website at Phone inquiries can be made by contacting the Public Works Department at 701-433-5410.