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Harwood levee building, flood meeting planned

HARWOOD, N.D. - Construction may begin as soon as today on a clay levee on the north side of this city to protect residents from the rising Sheyenne River.

Other smaller protective measures, such as filling in a couple of culverts, will be taken care of right away, said Mayor Bill Rohrich.

"We're going to put in some dikes we know we're going to need and then we're going to watch for a while before we put in anything else," Rohrich said. "We just don't want to spend any money if we don't have to."

Rohrich drives a bus route and says he hasn't seen any areas around the city that cause too much concern.

The Sheyenne River at Harwood entered moderate flood stage Tuesday. It measured 886.47 feet at 4:15 p.m. Tuesday.

A flood meeting for the city of Harwood is scheduled at 6 p.m. Thursday in the community center.

Meanwhile, construction has started on the Interstate 29 overpass at Harwood, with only one lane open on the bridge. Alternating stoplights allow traffic to travel both east and west.