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Sheyenne Street business undergoes major renovation

By Karen Huber

A longtime West Fargo business will be undergoing some major changes both inside and out on its already existing space.

West Fargo City Commissioners approved Monday night a Renaissance Zone application for Kurt Lepird, owner of the Silver Dollar Bar and Grill, located at 221 Sheyenne St., in advance of a major remodeling and expansion project that will involve a complete interior redo and an 800 square foot addition to the front of the building resulting in a new, expanded kitchen, bathrooms, plumbing and heating system. The activity will make the business handicap accessible.

Part of the plan also involves the exterior of the building taking on a whole new look, with all the work be in done in accordance with the specifications of the recently adopted Sheyenne Street Main Avenue Framework Study that sets guidelines for renovation and expansion plans to create more of a "downtown feel" in the commercial district on the two thoroughfares.

Total project cost will be $376,000 with an expected completion date of September 2012.

Mayor Rich Mattern said he is pleased and impressed with the plans. "This is certainly a nice looking facility. We put that overlay on for Sheyenne Street. It is great that we will have a model of what it could be in the future. This is a good place to start."

Upon recommendation from the West Fargo Economic Development Advisory Committee, who had earlier expressed support for the request, commissioners voted unanimously to approve the renaissance zone application.

The board also agreed to commit $12,000 in support of keeping a manned air mission at the Air National Guard Base in Fargo, after hearing that that other local entities had already expressed monetary support.

Dick Walstad, a volunteer leading the Air National Guard support group, told commissioners there is a real possibility the Guard will lose all of its planes making

North Dakota the only state without any planes.

He said eight C-21s are to be retired this fall and the Guard was to get four C-27s late this year as replacements but recent defense department cutbacks have cancelled plans for the new ones.

Walstad said the whole metro area would feel the negative impact if the manned air mission is lost, referencing countless jobs that would be omitted and extra monetary support that would be needed to operate the airport's present fire station.

He said the money would be used mainly to hire a consultant to hopefully help turn around the proposed action. Commissioners agreed unanimously to support the request and asked that Walstad's group keep the city updated on the status of the activity.

In other action the commission:

-approved first reading of a petition for annexation made by Wally Tintes for property located adjacent to the city limits in West Fargo's 2nd Addition near the old Federal Beef facility. Tintes wants the approximate five-acre parcel annexed so development can take place.

-favored a request for a five-year remodeling exemption for Carol Holtgard, 129 4th Ave. W. from 2012 through 2016. Holtgard gutted the interior and did a major remodeling of the home built in 1952. Cost of the work was $35,000, increasing the value from $53,800 to $87,600. The exemption was on the remodeled portion only, resulting in a tax savings of $600 per year.

-Following a public hearing at which no one voiced opposition, approved assessment lists for

Sewer, Water, Storm and Street Improvements Districts No. 1228, the Wilds First Addition, No. 1230, Westport Beach 7th Addition, No. 1227, Prairie Heights Development/Shadow Wood 5thh Addition; Street and Storm Improvement District No. 2212, Christianson First Addition; Street Improvement District No. 2210, Eagle Run 19th Addition; and Water and Sewer Improvement District No. 1219, 4th Street East, Bridge, Roadway and Landscaping;

-Following a public hearing approved first reading of a request for rezoning Lot 2, Block 3 or Eagle Run 8th addition from limited multiple dwellings to planned unit development for the purpose of allowing an office building. Rescom made the request for the 185, 824 square foot parcel located west of Sheyenne Street and south of 34th Ave. W.;

-Okayed a memorandum of understanding presented by Assistant Police Chief Mike Reitan relating to the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program for the year 2012 between the city of Fargo and West Fargo and Cass County. Based on part I crimes, the agencies are planning to use the $71,000 allocated to purchase and equip a major crime scene vehicle that will be shared.

-approved second reading of Ordinance No. 917 relating to city sidewalks, driveways construction specifications and numbering of buildings.

-okayed second reading of Ordinance No. 911 relating to the Cass County Electric Cooperative, Inc., franchise with the city and second reading of Ordinance 919 relating to Xcel Energy's electric franchise with the city. The ordinances are identical and now similar to Fargo's with the addition of a 2 percent of gross revenues franchise fee. The contracts are good for 20 years and the present ones will expire May 1, 2011;

-okayed a replat and conditional use permit for an assisted living facility in Shiloh 2nd Addition, in a residentially zoned district along the south side of Interstate 94, east of Sheyenne St., on the corner of Shiloh St. and 23rd Ave. W. Shiloh/Klinkhammer made the request for the 383,610 square foot parcel.

-approved second reading and gave final plat approval of Ordinance No. 913 for rezoning of Maple Ridge at the Preserve 2nd Addition from single family dwellings to one and two family dwellings and from agricultural to rural residential;

-awarded three separate contracts for sewer, water, storm and street improvement districts to Dakota Underground, Fargo. They included: No. 1237, Maple Ridge at the Preserve 2nd Addition, at bid of $1,236,048.80; The Wild's 2nd Addition, at a bid of $2,996,538.15; and No. 1235, Bluestem Drive, 26th Ave. E. to 31st Ave. E., at a bid of$568,029.10.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the West Fargo City Commission will take place Monday, May 21 at 5:30 p.m. in the commission chambers at West Fargo City Hal., 800 4th Ave. E. All meetings are open to the public.