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Torgerson honored with Stars of Life award

The Stars of Life is a special program, with a sole purpose of publicly recognizing and celebrating the achievements of all people working in the selfless and heroic ambulance industry. The Stars of Life Program seeks to honor outstanding individuals as a thank you for their service, their sacrifice, and the inspiration they bring to everyone. Any member of the industry that epitomizes the spirit and commitment of the state’s top ambulance service professionals is eligible for selection of this award.

At the third biennial North Dakota Stars of Life Program, there were eight recipients of this prestigious award, including Dale Torgerson of Kindred, who has been an EMT for the Kindred Area Ambulance Service since 1984. Dale is looked upon as the leader, a role model, teacher, and promoter of the service. His family history is testimony of a deep connection to EMS. His wife, Trudy, and his mother, Ardis, were on the squad as EMT’s, and currently his son, Dylan, is an EMT and his son, Devin, an EMR.

Dale is currently the treasurer and office manager for the Kindred Area Ambulance. He was also a founding member of the Rural Cass County Ambulance and Rescue Association and was a past president for ten years. Kindred Area Ambulance will be celebrating 40 years of service and Dale has been an integral leader in many of the advancements the service has made over the years.

Formed in 1976 and today 1,750 members strong, the North Dakota Emergency Medical Services Association (NDEMSA) is an association dedicated to representing our EMS providers, providing them educational services, advocacy, and access to valuable resources. NDEMSA is a leading resource for pre-hospital emergency medical service providers in North Dakota. The Association provides an awards program, a leadership academy for service leaders, and a voice on EMS legislation. NDEMSA has one of the longest-running EMS conferences at 39 years.

Education remains a priority providing 160 hours annually to over 1,000 attendees