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Reitan: Spring melt to finally arrive

The much anticipated spring melt is expected to arrive later this week. The City of West Fargo and other communities in the area have been reviewing plans; conducting coordination meetings; and inspecting equipment in preparation for higher water.

West Fargo Public Works and Moore Engineering are available to answer homeowner questions relating to preparations being made for the City of West Fargo and the areas protected by the Sheyenne Diversion. West Fargo Public Works is available at 701-433-5410. Information relating to the current conditions as well as an explanation of the diversion and flood protection in West Fargo is available at: The contact at Moore Engineering is Dustin Scott, 701-282-4692. A group e-mail daily update and notification system will be used to provide information to residents living along the Sheyenne River south of I-94.

City staff has filled a limited number of sandbags to provide an emergency response to any unforeseen problem. They have also installed and will monitor river level gauges on both the Sheyenne River and the diversion. Once water flows reach a predetermined height crews will begin 24 hour monitoring of equipment, flood protective works and the river and diversion channels.

The police department will also monitor river levels, watch for localized flooding of roadways and enforce ordinances prohibiting unauthorized access to flood protective works.

Current forecasted conditions for river flows fall within the design capabilities of the Sheyenne Diversion project. Water levels are expected to increase over the next few days with a projected crest sometime near the first of May. Once the crest level has been reached water will remain high for an undetermined amount of time based in part on releases from Bald Hill Dam north of Valley City.

If you have questions feel free to contact the City of West Fargo.

By Mike Reitan, assistant police chief