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Cleanup week moves to fall

West Fargo Cleanup Week has been moved from its regular May time frame to the end of September to coincide with Fargo city officials rescheduling the event because of the flood activity.

Consequently, the Cleanup observance has been set for Sept. 23-27 instead of May 6-10.

West Fargo Sanitation Manager Dennis Correll said the decision to change the date to coincide with Fargo's was a natural one since the week has always been coordinated for the same time metrowide.

Since West Fargo has a garbage contract with the Fargo landfill he said it also made sense "not to be creating extra work for Fargo staff when their efforts may be needed elsewhere as the flood threat unfolds."

Correll added that moving the date for West Fargo residents and businesses isn't a big deal because sanitation crews pick up just about anything no matter what time of the year.

Public Works Director Barry Johnson reiterated similar comments.

"We don't want to do it the first week of May because Fargo could possibly be in the middle of a flood fight. It would be tough for them to deal with a lot of extra garbage because their manpower may be needed somewhere else. We go together as a community on whatever Fargo does with Cleanup Week so we will fall in line with their time frame," Johnson stated. "It is a metrowide occurrence and we want to continue that tradition."

Anyone with questions can call the West Fargo Public Works Department at 701-433-5400.