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The Packer Weekly: Lexi Berg flourishes in the Big Apple

With a population of more than 8.3 million, it is sometimes a wonder to some why people continue to flock to the crowded concrete jungle of New York City. After spending a summer in the city with her mother, Alixandria Berg found more than enough reason to leave Fargo for New York.

Berg’s mother, investigator Jessica Berg, had been sent to work in New York during the summer of 2009 and decided to have her daughter join her. Seeing how much Berg enjoyed the visit, Jessica inquired about relocating to the city permanently, to which her employer agreed.

“I flew Lexi out to see what New York City was all about, and then Lexi fell in love with the city,” Jessica said.

After the decision was made, the Bergs made the transfer to New York in February 2010. Alixandria returned to Fargo for the second half of her senior year before returning to New York after graduation. She appreciated her time in Fargo, but was happy to be leaving it behind.

“(North Dakota) gave me the freedom to take it slow and have a lot of down time,” Alixandria said. “But that drove me crazy because I found myself doing the same things over and over again.”

After the move Alixandria began to pursue her interest in fashion, an interest that led to her befriending theater student Genesis Aponte through a mutual friend.

“We really bonded over fashion, film and discovering new places in New York,” Aponte said.

The two connected during the time Alixandria worked at American Apparel, a job that Alixandria later left to pursue work at a small designer boutique while freelancing as a stylist. Her freelancing is what later landed her a job as a stylist for Macy’s and its fashion show.

Alixandria had the full intention of being a stylist but once some time passed, she realized fashion was not all she wanted to do as a career.

“After doing those jobs though, I didn’t find it to be that challenging and realized I didn’t want (fashion) to be the only thing I’m doing for the rest of my life,” Alixandria said.

She did, however, still want to work in a career field that included fashion, but could also encompass other parts of the creative spectrum. Alixandria found it hard to pinpoint the exact epiphany moment leading to her decision to turn her attention toward film.

“I think it probably came from watching these French new-wave films,” Alixandria said. “Just being obsessed with everything Anna Karina wore particularly in the film ‘Une Femme Est Une Femme’.”

Alixandria then began carrying herself as the characters she would envision, wearing certain outfits or listening to particular music when walking through the city as to complete the cinematic life she’d imagined. This led her to think acting would be her path, but soon after watching Wes Anderson films Alixandria recognized to be behind the camera was what she wanted.

“I saw how much detail [Wes Anderson] put into each film and that kind of put me on the track to thinking more about directing because it’s like styling your own world,” Alixandria said.

Alixandria is now in the process of applying to schools of filmmaking or liberal arts to better pursue this newly recognized dream. Currently she is considering the New York Film Academy as well as Marymount Manhattan College. Alixandria’s first choice remains Sarah Lawrence College.

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