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School menu (May 7)

West Fargo Schools

BREAKFAST Elementary Schools / Kindergarten

(Milk and fruit available at all meals)

Thursday, May 8: Cereal or French toast sticks

Friday, May 9: Cereal or cinnamon squares

Monday, May 12: Cereal or banana bread and yogurt

Tuesday, May 13: Cereal or mini pancakes and syrup

Wednesday, May 14: Cereal or breakfast pizza

Middle Schools (Milk and fruit available at all meals)

Thursday, May 8: Egg and cheese biscuit, egg omelet

Friday, May 9: Mini pancakes w/syrup, breakfast pizza

Monday, May 12: Breakfast pizza, cinnamon squares

Tuesday, May 13: Egg and cheese biscuit, pancake on a stick

Wednesday, May 14: Cinnamon roll, egg burrito

High Schools (Milk and fruit juice available at all meals)

Every Day: Buttermilk biscuit, breakfast sandwich, French toast sticks, breakfast pizza

LUNCH Elementary Schools / Kindergarten

(Milk and fruit and veggie bar available at all meals)

Thursday, May 8: All-beef hot dog on bun or chicken fajita wrap, french fries

Friday, May 9: Popcorn chicken w/sweet-and-sour sauce or sub sandwich, seasoned rice

Monday, May 12: Chicken patty on bun or barbecue rib patty on bun, vegetarian baked beans

Tuesday, May 13: Cheesy scrambled eggs w/mini muffins or turkey and cheese sandwich, potato smiles

Wednesday, May 14: Cheeseburger on bun or chef salad w/garlic toast rounds, french fries

Middle Schools

(Fresh vegetables, fruit and fruit juice, bread and milk available at all meals)

Thursday, May 8: Meatballs w/mashed potatoes and gravy and dinner roll or chicken patty on bun, coleslaw

Friday, May 9: Domino’s Day (Cheney), cheese or pepperoni pizza (Liberty), corn

Monday, May 12: Chicken strips w/sweet-and-sour sauce or hot ham and cheese on bun, cheesy potatoes

Tuesday, May 13: Macaroni and cheese w/garlic toast or corn dog w/french fries, steamed broccoli

Wednesday, May 14: Cheese-filled pizza sticks or sub sandwich w/chips, vegetarian baked beans

High Schools

(Accompaniments: fresh fruit and veggie cups, fruit sauce, bread slice, assorted juice, and milk)

Thursday, May 8: Rotini pasta w/grilled chicken or chicken parmesan, Alfredo or marinara sauce, bread sticks

Friday, May 9: French toast sticks w/side, breakfast pizza w/side, cheesy hash brown bake

Monday, May 12: Boneless chicken wings, Chicken Strips of Fire, Stove Top stuffing w/gravy

Tuesday, May 13: Teriyaki chicken or orange chicken or chicken egg rolls over seasoned noodles

Wednesday, May 14: Taco smorgasbord, homemade burritos, Wisconsin cheese soup