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Fargo Rotary Club recognizes top 4-H clubs

Among 4-H members recognized by the Fargo Rotary were, back, left to right: Joan Eberhardt, Nicole Bruse, Elise Eberhardt, Dawn Romo, and Tracy Johnson; front row, left to right: Hannah Klinnert, Wendi Stachler, Erica Weinmann and Janet Weinmann.

Seven Cass County 4-H clubs were recently honored by the Fargo Rotary Club for being the top 4-H clubs in the county for 2010 at a Rotary luncheon on Jan. 5 that recognized all clubs of excellence. The Fargo Rotary Club has been involved with this for the past 54 years.

Nicole Bruse, Country Cousins 4-H member and daughter of Kevin and Connie Bruse of Horace, and Hannah Klinnert, Kindred Friends 4-H member and daughter of Mark and Joan Klinnert of Kindred, spoke about their 4-H leadership experiences. The 4-H clubs were recognized for the outstanding leadership they provide for youth to have a meaningful club experience.

The 4-H clubs who received the 2010 Fargo Rotary Club Award of Merit were: Golden Clovers (Casselton area), representatives attending - Joan and Elise Eberhardt; Kindred 4-H Friends (Kindred area), representatives attending - Hannah Klinnert and Wendi Stachler; Page Power (Page area), club leader, Lori Bjerke; The Uniters (south Fargo), representatives attending - Janet and Erica Weinmann; Valley Adventures (West Fargo), representatives attending - Dawn Romo and Tracy Johnson; and Wheatland Pioneers (Wheatland area), club leader, Lisa Berg.