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District 22 Legislative Report: Billing filing date draws to end, topics broad but numbers less

The third week of the North Dakota Legislature has seen the pace quicken dramatically. The bill filing date came to a close on Jan. 24. Committees can now begin to estimate the time needed for workloads to be completed, before the cross over deadline of Feb. 25. It appears the bill submission numbers will be less than the 2009 session; however, the bill topics are broad and often filled with requests for money.

Many agency budgets have been presented to the Appropriations Committee. Sub-committees will now begin the work of determining what recommendations are suitable for the full committee to consider.

The comprehensive education policy bill was set to be heard on Tuesday, Jan. 25. The governor was expected to provide an overview of the proposed legislation. As Lieutenant Governor, Dalrymple chaired the commission that drafted the legislation. The bill number is 2150.

This past week, local legislators had the opportunity to help recognize leaders from their districts. The Star of Life Award was presented by the N.D. Emergency Medical Services Association to individuals that have made significant contributions to their Communities.

Kenny Habiger from Casselton, was recognized for exceptional, long time leadership and commitment to his community. He certainly is a community volunteer extraordinaire.

Kenny is the kind of individual that makes a community thrive. He is someone that can see what needs to be done and works to make it happen. He has been a true, servant leader. It was an honor to see a long time friend receive recognition he so rightly deserved.

Saturday, Jan. 29, there will be a public forum at the high school in West Fargo. District 22 plans to be represented at the meeting.

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