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Hakanson seeks District 5 County Commission position

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Longtime Horace resident Craig Hakanson wants to double up on the time he's devoting to elected service.

He currently serves as a Horace City Council member and has just announced his candidacy for an open District Five seat on the Cass County Commission in the June 12 Election.

Originally from West Fargo, Hakanson graduated from West Fargo High School and spent a year at technical school in Wahpeton before returning and beginning a profession in the printing business. After working for a local printing firm for a short time, he joined his parents, Don and Carol, at their family-owned business - Brokerage Printing in West Fargo - where he has remained the past 26 years. He and his mother, Carol, continue to operate at the familiar Main Avenue location. His dad passed away in 1987. Hakanson and his wife, Lynette, a social worker/direct care provider, are the parents of two grown sons, Zach and Jordan, both employed in Fargo.

Hakanson said the nice thing about running for the District 5 seat is he will be able to maintain his city council duties that he was first elected to in Nov. 2008 filling an unexpired position. "I didn't want to give up that position. I enjoy working for the city of Horace and I would also like to serve the county. If elected, I feel that in a dual role, one area will complement the other to better serve the people in the community and the district."

He is seeking the seat left open by the stepping down of Robyn Sorum of Horace who has served her maximum three four-year terms. District 5 involves a large area bordered on the north by the county line and extending to include Horace, portions of southwest Fargo and West Fargo.

Hakanson said he believes his strong conservative values could lead to a stronger county which will go a long way in improving the quality of life in Cass County. "I would like to have a voice in dealing with difficult situations the county will be facing, citing water as "a major ongoing topic not only with the Diversion and flooding but also considering Devils Lake and how that is all going to come into play."

"Without actually seeing their financial situation, I think the county is fairly responsible," Hakanson continued. "In seeking the seat, I just want to make sure that we stay sound and that we are a viable community, not only Cass County, but the cities located within."

Addressing taxes, he said he would prefer not to increase them "but we need to balance the need with the available resources. We can't spend more than we make."

All in all, he feels "the present business environment is a sound one. This is a good state, probably the best state in the nation as far as financial concerns and a balanced budget, etc."

The filing deadline for County Commission candidates is Friday, April 13 at 4 p.m.

Hakanson is presently out actively seeking the necessary signatures and will be filing official paperwork soon.