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It's all in the planning

Just want to take a minute to let West Fargo Park District officials know that they did an outstanding job with their 'big truck' event this last weekend at the Veterans Memorial Arena.

The ample grounds provided the perfect venue for everyone attending to enjoy an afternoon of wholesome, family fun.

It was a true display of cooperation between multiple entities to pull off an activity geared for the kids, who in every instance seemed to enjoy every minute of it.

Personally escorting our two grandchildren, I can earnestly say they were in awe of all the action and I know that because they were not begging to leave after five minutes. Two enjoyable hours very quickly flew by.

Luther Family Ford and Butler Machinery representatives were also key to the event with the local businesses serving as main sponsors, far exceeding any obligations and making all the little ones happy by distributing ions of genuine goodies, from the realistic lightweight hard hats to the nerf-like airplanes, to the Frisbees and little game bags, as well as the personal drivers licenses and complimentary T-shirts provided by the park district staff, and to help beat the heat, popsicles for the little ones.

It was evident that everyone was truly having a great time, including those manning the big equipment, who enjoyed fielding all the questions and watching the youngsters take their turns sitting in the drivers seats, with big smiles on their faces having their picture taken, and in many cases experiencing pure joy being able to set off the mega loud horns.

The many individuals working the event couldn't have been any friendlier or any more conscientious of the needs of all the inquiring little minds whose ages ranged the gamut from little toddlers, barely walking, to pre-teen attendees, all very much intrigued by the range and motion of the high tech machinery.

A huge hit were the barrel car rides and the MSUM train rides, with the drivers kept extremely busy doling out ride after ride with long lines of youngsters patiently waiting in line for their turn.

Capping it all off, the beautiful weather - a clear sky, 80-degree temperatures, light wind - the perfect backdrop for a huge, happy crowd out on a Sunday afternoon, savoring a leisurely good time.

It doesn't get any better than that.

That is unless, of course, you're heading out to take in West Fest next weekend, and the weather cooperates in a similar fashion - always the hope of organizers and spectators alike.

West Fargo Area Chamber of Commerce staff, volunteers, and contributing businesses and sponsors have been working long and hard throughout the past year to shore up a full slate of activities for the 18th annual observance that annually draws in thousands to one of the best parades in the region.

Be sure to mark the date on your calendar and refer to the special West Fest section in today's publication for the latest up-to-date information regarding the celebration.

Hope to see you all there.