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When winter weather hits, how quickly we forget

Driving can be difficult during good weather conditions, but this last week was a real test with the first measurable snowfall of the season making for treacherous road conditions.

How quickly some forget what it's like to drive on icy roads, with a record number of accidents reported in an overnight time frame.

A more simple truth would be that some drivers just don't care and think they are invincible to anything happening.

Especially annoying are the drivers in the larger vehicles who think just because they have four-wheel drive they can drive as fast as they want wherever they want.

Bigger does not mean better.

Remember that four-wheel drive helps you to get going quicker, but it won't help you stop any faster.

Equally maddening are those that follow so closely you can't see their headlights in the rearview mirror because their front bumper is short of being imbedded in the back of your vehicle, or almost as bad, their lights are just at the right level to blind you.

One quick hit on the brakes would serve them well, but the end result would not be worth the moment of gratification.

There are certain to be a lot more icy and snowy days ahead of us in the Valley.

When driving conditions do become hazardous and it is necessary that we be out on the roads, we all need to take a deep breath, slow down and let good old common sense prevail.

The end result will be safer driving conditions and a whole lot less stress for everyone.