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Tuning in to Earth Day

Tomorrow is being celebrated nationally as Earth Day, an annual observance that has reached the 40-year milestone for inspiring awareness and appreciation for protecting and securing a healthy earth environment.

Recycling plays a huge role in this effort, a process that is being driven home repeatedly in a variety of markets.

A perfect example was this last Sunday at Target, where shoppers left the checkout with their purchases neatly tucked into a very attractive 'green' bag made out of recycled products, with the obvious intention of being used 'over and over' again.

Pictured on the bag were likenesses of products - all shapes and sizes - as a reminder of truly how 'reusable' everything is and can be in the everyday scheme of protecting the planet; at the same time, reaffirming the fact that just about everything has a second purpose in life that is, often times, better than the first.

Like many other things, recycling takes a little getting used to, but once practiced on a regular basis with your newspapers, aluminum cans and plastic bottles, the process can become obsessively habit-forming in a very good way.

With all the talk and hype about recycling and clean energy causes and making and keeping our planet 'green,' it's important we all make an extra commitment to 'get into the habit' of doing whatever we can to help create and maintain a healthier environment.