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Letter to the Editor: Residents thankful for educational system

We are writing to express our gratitude for the outstanding education our children have received while attending West Fargo High School. Our son Thane has recently been accepted and will be attending the United States Air Force Academy in the fall; our daughter Paige has enlisted into the Air Force and has passed the difficult examinations necessary for her to go into the intelligence field as a linguist. She is also graduating from West Fargo High a year early thanks to their outstanding faculty and staff.

Our children have worked hard to get where they are at and friends and family congratulate both them and us as parents. But Tanya and I know that it was not just our family alone and want to give credit where credit is due. Without the outstanding faculty that challenged and pushed our students to levels they did not know they had inside them, we believe this would not have been possible.

We are not originally from this area and feel incredibly lucky that our children were able to attend West Fargo High and take advantage of the multitude of benefits that come along with this school that most, if not all, other schools in the state cannot or do not offer: the multitude of advanced placement classes, the outstanding Junior ROTC program, and the ability to take college level courses and receive credit for them while still attending high school.

In the four years that my wife and I have attended parent-teacher conferences we have always left the school amazed at how deeply committed and passionate the faculty is, not only about the field in which they teach, but in the genuine commitment and concern that they showed in our children and their progress.

We could not have been more blessed. Words cannot begin to express the indebtedness we feel towards their faculty and staff. West Fargo High School has made a permanent and lasting effect on our children's future; we cannot thank them enough.

Craig and Tanya Hillig

West Fargo