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Election Day fast approaching: Important to make informed choice

It's now just a short two weeks away from the June 8 Primary Election and in West Fargo and in surrounding smaller communities the slate of candidates is seemingly far larger than ever experienced before.

On that note, we begin our election coverage this week profiling respective candidates in respective races, via special question and answer segments, in an effort to provide greater insight, as well as to better inform our readers about individual candidate philosophies, before making the trip to the poll.

This week we are previewing the 13 candidates vying for the four open West Fargo School Board positions, two of them incumbents.

It would be safe to say that we have never seen the likes of such numbers before in a school board race, at least for as long as our staff can remember.

That is a great thing, offering voters a diverse mix of personalities and views on any number of issues.

The same can be said for the West Fargo mayoral race, which hasn't seen anyone make a serious challenge against an incumbent for at least the last couple of decades.

The West Fargo city commission race is also rigorous with four candidates going after two open seats.

The three mayoral candidates, as well as city commission and park board candidates will be featured in our June 2 issue of the Pioneer and News.

In our neighboring communities, candidate interest is also intense in city council races, with five candidates seeking two seats in Reiles Acres, seven candidates bidding for two seats in Mapleton, and four candidates vying for two spots in Harwood. In Horace, one newcomer is challenging two incumbents for the two open positions.

With the candidate pool more flooded than ever, it makes sense that each vote will be more crucial than ever.

All the more reason to make a concentrated effort during these last couple of weeks to 'get to know' each candidate better in an effort to arrive at a consensus of what makes them the best candidate for their respective position.

It will make the voting process a whole lot easier, and in the long run will serve the best interest of the positions they are all hoping to claim come end of Election Day, Tuesday, June 8.