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Letter to the Editor: How to go about receiving federal state grants

Dear Editor:

My name is Peter Karl. I had approached the people as I ran for Mayor of West Fargo. I have and still am, trying to work with the city of West Fargo. Unfortunately, the city is still looking for the solutions they can not seem to find.

To verify this reality, on June 25, I met with the primary city officials here in West Fargo. They had expressed how their individual efforts are trying to work with either the matching grants or with the loan grants. Unfortunately, neither one of those types of grants are any good for our community, so I tried to explain to them what a federal grant really is, as well as what an actual state grant is. Yet for reasons unknown to me, I believe that none of them wanted to comprehend such information.

Upon the conclusion of that meeting, I went home and made several phone calls. Among and within such phone calls, I discovered a problem that I see as a serious piece of political oversight. In my opinion, I believe that we should all be aware of the facts in which this does not only pertain to the federal laws but, how they also are a vital concern with our North Dakota state policies as well. For it seems that our great government must review what we have in the books regarding communities which are, and are not, eligible for state or federal grants because we are either too big or too small.

So, despite the corroding pipes, the bad stains, the foul scent from our current wells, along with the unhealthy sanitation, the illegal dumping of chemicals and the illegal dumping of the city sewer water into the Sheyenne River; State Senator Judy Lee had expressed to me how she feels these are only minor problems that should be overlooked while at the same time State Representative Kim Koppelman sees this as a serious problem and he has told me how this is a serious problem and how he will address this priority during the next session. Representative Kent Conrad is currently reviewing this reality and addressing it appropriately.

It was upon the conclusion of my phone calls with our state and federal representative, as well as phone calls made to other appropriated branches of our great government, I was informed that this community of West Fargo should have their mayor performing these set duties to which the city officials had allowed me to pursue for their benefit.

With all this reality before me, I am turning to you, the editor, and especially to you the people, because, since I am not mayor, we the people, must write to our state and federal representatives so that communities, such as ours, can receive federal and state grants.

I am at this time, working at getting us a water treatment facility. I come before you with a business reality to which the exceedingly small communities are allocated grants and funds for their possibly impoverished lifestyles. While it can also be noted how the very well off communities are able to perform the assurance of receiving many grants, government funds, and support from the state and federal levels of government. My idea works with the fact that West Fargo is in need of a water treatment facility. This reality is a vital truth when it comes to maintaining people's health.

But, West Fargo has too many people to be listed as a small community, while at the same time the city does not have enough people to be considered or even recognized as a large metropolis - which is where we find the problem. To recall the words of Abraham Lincoln, in which he stated that there is no one above the law and there is no one below the law and how under the law, all men are equal. The same goes for our communities; we can not support only the rich or the poor. Our government was established in order to abolish such bias. Just ask ex-President Theodore Roosevelt. Which is why I now come before you, the editor, and the people. I have expressed the truth and I have also told you, not only my opinion, but the opinion of countless others, as to the poor reality and the vital necessity at getting our much needed water treatment facility.

Peter Karl

West Fargo