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Be prepared to vote

With a very important general election just around the corner, it's helpful to know the wording of what the actual election ballot will contain when you either vote early at any of the pre-designated sites or head to the polls on Nov. 2.

On that note, the entire general election ballot is accessible online containing all the candidates and measures as they apply in your particular polling area.

The information is easy to track and find by visiting the City of West Fargo website at, the Cass County website at or the North Dakota Secretary of State website at

Just begin by clicking on Precinct Finder, filling in your house number and zip code, and clicking on search.

What will appear is a long list of all addresses that start with that particular number. You run down the content and then select the one that is your entire street address.

The next screen will reveal your polling site location, including voting place and exact location, along with the polling times, and what particular districts you will need to be voting in.

Then simply click on "sample ballot" and your ballot will appear before you just as it will be presented to you on Election Day.

The measures you will be voting on are, of course, also included, giving you advance time to do a little more review if you are unsure of the intended meaning and would like to be a little better informed before you actually do vote.

The early voting locations, dates and times are also outlined for voting convenience, along with designated parking sites.

If any additional help is needed, individuals can also contact the Cass County Auditor's office at 241-5600.