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West Fargo street crews meet the challenge

With the second storm in a week invading our region, street crews are being tested to the mettle, and once again in West Fargo, they are living up to expectations and doing a fantastic job.

Crews work the same chosen route each time, making them experts at knowing what they have to deal with and giving them great advantage in arriving at the most efficient manpower friendly way of accomplishing the task.

In fact, officials in the department will tell you this familiarity is key to the process, lending big time to the quickness and efficiency.

Consequently, last week's first 'snow' outing went smoothly, without any big glitches.

Crews handled the assault yesterday in the same fashion (this time with less snowfall), well aware of the composition of the areas and all the 'ins and outs' they had to deal with.

As is the case with any measurable snowfall amounts, concentration was on making sure snow emergency routes were clean and drivable before efforts broadened out to cleaning residential areas.

The latter is more apt to occur when the tide turns as far as the snow event goes, i.e. diminishing measurable amounts of precipitation and winds prompt crews to focus on hitting the secondary streets with the best time to do this at night, when traffic is at a minimum.

As for cars parked on streets, city crews like to see them removed pre-cleanup but when that doesn't occur they do go around them, with additional cleanup the following day after the 'snow birds' have moved their vehicles.

With the ongoing growth of the city, the magnitude of any snow event cleanup and the amount of time needed to accomplish the task takes on new dimension, with city efforts now extending all the way to 52nd Avenue south.

No matter what it takes, city crews stand ready for the challenge, confident in knowing they have the staff and experience necessary to provide the best services possible during any snow event, no matter how big or small.