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Letter to the Editor: Dance team places first, deserve recognition they've earned

Dear Editor:

In the Feb. 9, 2011, edition of your paper, you ran two stories both on page 13. One of the stories was about a peewee hockey team that placed first in a tournament. There was a photo and all the players were named. Right next to that story, you ran a story about the West Fargo Mystikix Dance Team than won first place at the State Tournament. (No small achievement). You named the sponsors of the team, but not the dancers.

I was the publisher of a small newspaper for several years, so I think I understand that it's impossible to cover everything that happens that might be of interest to your readers. Many times the stories and photos you run are submitted by people other than your staff. I suspect this was the case with the Mystikix story.

However, I believe publishing a photo of people and not identifying them is really poor journalism.

In addition, to naming the hockey players and not the dancers, demonstrates a bias in your reporting. Namely, boy's hockey is important, girls dance, ah! who cares.

I'm quite sure the photo was submitted without name, but I also know being this was a school sponsored activity, it would have taken only a few minutes for a member of your staff to go to the school and meet with the coach and get the names of the girls in the photo. I did it all the while I was in the newspaper business.

Why do I care? My granddaughter is a member of the Mystikix Team, so I know how hard those girls work. It would be nice to see them get the recognition they deserve.

Adrian J. Pulczinski

Greenbush, Minn.