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Letter to the Editor: Tourism enjoys good press

Lloyd Omdahl's March 14 column in The Forum poked good-natured fun at the "tourist" things we North Dakotans offer and like to do. Laughing at ourselves is one of our best qualities. And, let's face it, we love it when tourism gets press!

His article suggested that $4 gasoline prices might be in our future. I hope not, but if it helps North Dakotans discover more of their own state, that would be all right. And we have the comforting knowledge that we had $4 gas just a few summers ago and North Dakota was one of the few states in the country that managed that situation nicely.

"I'd been to 49 states, and North Dakota is the last one on my list. I had no idea it was so beautiful; it is one my favorite states ..." Or, "I've lived in this state for years but did not know that the Badlands or Theodore Roosevelt National Park were in North Dakota. I wish I'd come earlier. ..."

Those reactions are heard almost daily in Medora. We love being able to serve the traveling public and showcase our state with North Dakota hospitality.

Lloyd, thanks for getting tourism a little extra press - we like it. I do want to take a moment to be sure that your readers understood what I presume was obvious silly humor in writing: "May 28-29 is the X-rated Dakota Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Medora. This is an opportunity for the profane to say or sing everything crude as long as it rhymes. If they bang the guitar loud enough, it doesn't even have to rhyme."

Medora is one of those remaining places that truly honors family values, and the Dakota Cowboy Poetry Gathering is a terrific example. This year will be the 25th annual gathering that Bill Lowman from western North Dakota has organized.

Each year has brought wonderful regional and even national talent to the event. The poetry gathering has been the unofficial beginning to the summer tourism season in Medora.

This year marks the 47th year of the Medora Musical, which runs from June 10 to Sept. 10.

Events like the poetry gathering and the musical have lasted past 25 and 47 years, respectively, because they are excellent, and because they have stayed true to providing good, clean family fun.

Happy travels this spring and summer.    

Randy Hatzenbuhler,


Theodore Roosevelt

Medora Foundation

Medora, N.D.