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Letter to the Editor: Schools are necessary for city to remain competitive

I am writing in response to the opposition to the West Fargo School bond vote. My family has lived in communities that have seen population growth similar to West Fargo such as, Des Moines, Iowa and Overland Park, Kan. In each of these communities, they have supported that growth with the investment of new school facilities.

Having moved back to the Fargo/Moorhead/West Fargo area seven years ago, we specifically chose West Fargo for its growing population and its emphasis on education. For West Fargo to remain competitive in academics, athletics, and to continue to stimulate the growth of the community by attracting new families and businesses, these schools are necessary. Even people without school age children will also recognize the benefit from these additional facilities that being, increased property values along with the overall prosperity of the city.

West Fargo can not rely upon the transfer of population solely from rural areas. With the push to attract new businesses and stimulate economic development, a key component in accomplishing this would be high quality schools. This is an opportunity for West Fargo to move forward and compete with communities that have already made this investment into their educational infrastructure. If we as a community fail to pass this referendum we will miss a window of opportunity and fall behind.

I want to thank Dr. David Flowers and the West Fargo School Board for going above and beyond to ensure we are all well informed, and that this is the most cost effective action to take to solve our educational needs going forward. The alternative if this does not pass would be million dollar mobile trailers, renting school space from Fargo North and split-shifts to accommodate classes. How can any of these options possibly be acceptable to anyone?

Let's support our students and faculty by building them the facilities they justifiably need today in our school district, in our community.

Dave Spaeth

West Fargo Resident