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Letter to the Editor: A challenge to school district residents to follow the four C's with bond vote

I would like to challenge all former Great Plains Software employees, and anyone else that resides in the West Fargo School District; to display their four C's in respect to the upcoming bond referendum vote on May 24.

Doug Burgum grew Great Plains Software in North Dakota by emphasizing that each and every employee should strive to display the core values of caring, courage, commitment and community in every decision we made, every day.

I am asking you to care enough to become educated about the referendum details.

I am asking you to find the courage to speak confidently to your friends and neighbors about the referendum.

I am asking you to make a commitment to vote.

And, most of all, the school facilities in our district are truly public buildings used by many various organizations, not just students and families. We should all feel a sense of responsibility to this integral part of our community and allow our schools to grow with our population. By doing so, we can continue to provide and excellent education to the next generation of students.

Danelle Johnson