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Letter to the Editor: VOICE group appreciative of everyone's efforts in bond vote

We want to thank all of the voters in the West Fargo School District for showing your passion for education by getting out to the polls. We are so pleased with the record voter turnout this issue received. We believe in education and this bond referendum was an opportunity to improve the education of our youth by first educating our community about the need for educational space.

We would like to thank district leader, Superintendent Dr. David Flowers for having the foresight to create the Long Range Facilities Planning Committee to study and help determine a solution to the space needs in West Fargo. We would like to thank Business Manager, Mark Lemer for providing clear and accurate numbers to the public. We would like to thank the West Fargo City Commission for endorsing the district plan, providing voter confidence.

We would like to thank the teachers and the WFEA for joining forces with VOICE (Volunteers Organized in the Interest of Children's Education) to promote these efforts. The teachers and administrators in West Fargo do an outstanding job of managing our schools and educating the youth, we are so grateful for all of these talented individuals.

Thank you to the school board for working with a broad spectrum of ideas until they reached consensus on a plan and could provide leadership for this community. Thank you to our forty-two neighborhood captains who joined our fourteen-member VOICE board as leaders in the district, getting out signs and informational brochures. Thank you to so many who provided financial donations, allowing for the creation of informational materials.  

We'd also like to thank all of the media venues for providing the community with an awareness of the issue and opportunities for information to be shared. Thank you West Fargo school district residents for shaping a great family friendly community.

We hope that more community members will join the West Fargo VOICE as we work towards our mission: To be a VOICE in the West Fargo School District, advocating educational excellence and communication between parents, educators, students and the community.

VOICE members

Valerie Fiske, Heather Sand,

David Fenelon, Laura Fisher,

Janet France, Todd Fuchs,

Eric Hustad, Gary Inman,

Danelle Johnson, Jason Loos,

Tom McDougall, Arland

Rasmussen, Deb Reynolds,

and Allan Skramstad