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Relying on students to help spread the message

Fire prevention is a topic not to be taken lightly and nowhere is that accented more specifically than by members of the West Fargo Fire Department who are ramping up their education timeframes in an effort to saturate a much larger group of students, necessitated by the district's ongoing growth.

What typically has been a one or two week education process right around fire prevention week has turned into an approximate six-week endeavor involving the early elementary classrooms where the students are receptive to the visits and the information doled out, always eager to take it home and share with other members of their families, which is what "fire prevention week" is supposed to be about.

The West Fargo Fire staff does an excellent job of relating the importance of having a fire escape plan in place, along with other fundamental factors ensuring safety in the unexpectedness of a fire.

Each year, there is a new theme, this year's focuses on "protecting the family from fire." Because of their desire and ability to take it all in, educating the young school children is a great starting point in insuring that happens. Fire department officials should be commended for assuming that vantage point.

On a related safety note of sorts, if you hear the sirens going off today, Wednesday, in West Fargo anytime after 9 a.m. it is because MidStates Wireless is conducting their fall testing of the outdoor warning sirens, which will be done individually throughout the day, ending around 4 p.m. The sirens are tested twice annually to make sure full operational capability is maintained.