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Letter to the Editor: Recipient thankful for WF Exchange Club recognition

I wish to thank the West Fargo Exchange Club for recognizing me with the Book of Golden Deeds Award. I certainly did not expect it. I also thank those who nominated me and were at the meeting on Nov. 8 to share their kind words.

I learned some time ago what we accomplish in live is seldom done on our own. We have our colleagues, mentors, subordinates and supporters who provide their guidance and assistance. It seems I have always had the opportunity to have good people to work with to accomplish any goal or objective that has been set.

I am also grateful for my relationship with my wife Michelle and sons Nicholas and Nathan. No matter where I have gone or what it is I am doing I can take comfort in knowing that they are there to provide their encouragement and support. To them I owe my eternal thanks.

Mike Reitan